What you didn’t know about Recruitment Agencies

Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for companies; one that uses up significant resources, but rarely offers any guarantees. While some companies choose recruit themselves, others turn to their local recruitment agency’s for help. There are many benefits to using a recruitment agency, I don’t just say that because I work for one, but when you look at the facts it makes sense.

Depending on whether you’re using an agency as a candidate or client, there are various benefits to consider, so below I’ve provided a list of things to consider for both candidates and clients when contacting your local recruitment expert like myself here at CSA Personnel Consultants.

As a Client:

Offer Industry Insights

One of the main benefits of a recruitment agency is they spend all day, every day, working to provide staffing solutions for organisations across a range of industry sectors. Therefore, we have significant expertise and jobs market insights. Recruitment consultants understand employer needs, candidate expectations, and the impacts of supply and demand on the jobs market as a whole. This means they are ideally situated to help employers make educated decisions, which have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Advertise roles

Sometimes when employers advertise vacancies, they do not receive applications of the required calibre. They are looking for an experienced candidate with niche skills, but the CVs they receive simply don’t hit the mark. Often, this is down to poor marketing; the high-calibre people they need simply don’t see the advert. And if they aren’t aware of the opportunity, they can’t apply for the job.

The benefit of recruitment agencies not only advertise vacancies – both online and on the high street – but they actively seek out professionals who fit the job description. Recruitment consultants may establish direct contact with talented individuals they know, having helped them find a new job in the past, and invite them to apply for the role. Some professionals might not be actively looking for a career change, but your vacancy could just tempt them.

Saving you money

At first maybe our fees look high compared to an advert on a job board but once you have gone through 200 + irrelevant applications, contacted the candidates, booked in interviews and finally get to an offer to find out they are no longer interested, it means you have spent most of your day, week or month away from your daily tasks that make you money!

As a Candidate:

A more tailored job search

The advantages of using a recruitment agency are clear when you look at how they can help tailor your job search. Skilled recruiters will know their clients well – and the roles they have available. As a result, they will be able to target the vacancies they put you forward for.

Here at CSA we always meet our candidates face-to-face so we can do a bit of fact-finding. We work towards establishing what your ambitions are, and what sort of working environment you thrive in. From there, we are able to put candidates forward for roles that will help them achieve great job satisfaction.

Support and guidance

A recruitment agency is built on the skills of its recruiters – they know the job market, they’re experts in interviewing and skills assessments, they know their client’s requirements and they know how to help you shine in the eyes of the employers.

A great recruitment agency will be able to help you strengthen your interview skills, tidy up your CV and focus your career goals. Nurture the relationship with your recruitment agency and they could prove instrumental in your career progression.


A good recruitment agency will help you go above and beyond by providing constructive criticism and feedback. If you didn’t quite get that job after an interview, recruiters will be able to help you understand why and then help you strengthen your interview skills or otherwise in time for your next attempt.week or month away from your daily tasks that make you money!

In Summary

Always remember we don’t ever charge a fee until you’ve happily gone through all the interview processes and taken on a candidate through us. Its important to note that at this stage we will have interviewed only the 10% best in the market! The agency will often offer a financial rebate if the placement does not meet the initial requirements.

So if you are one a candidate or hiring manager that refuses to deal with a recruitment agency, think again. Don’t let the minority bad recruiter overshadow the good ones! If you are ready to go into a hassle-free recruitment experience then CSA is your partner of choice. If you want to learn more contact us today and we will answer all your questions.

Sam Nicholson
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